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Mix 2Thousand by Kikko Di Stefano.Puntata n.71.

Scritto dail 2 Maggio 2020

Di seguito la playlist completa della puntata:

LEXY & K-PAUL ||Freak (original mix) (2000)

EDGE OF UNIVERSE feat. DOMINICK ||Lifeforce (POOPER SCOOPER remix) (2002)

NAIVE ||Joy is (L4H extended mix) (2001)

D.J. ROSS || Smile (luna mix) (2003)

JIM TONIQUE & PATRICK BRYZE ||Better world (HORNY UNITED solarium remix) (2008)

CHANEL ||My life (SEAMUS HAJI & PAUL EMANUEL vocal remix) (2005)

KNEE DEEP || Nassau rules (2002)

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS ||Do it again (original extended mix) (2007)

SPIT ||Falling (DADDY’S GROOVE vocal mix) (2007)

MUMM vs DHANY || I wanna be free (free mix) (2000)

QU-ZAR || Music planet (extended mix) (2001)

STEVEN Z || Time of love (extended mix) (2002)

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